Retailers Find Setting Up Shop Simple in Goodyear

If you're looking for a great place to live, work or locate your business in Arizona, Goodyear is the place to be!

  • Excellent developments ideal for retailers looking to expand, locate, or relocate
  • The swift increase in residential communities with more than 10 people per day are moving to Goodyear
  • Diverse restaurants that includes over 100 establishments with over 40 family-owned restaurants and specialty shops
  • Setting up shop is simple with quick turnaround times and a customer friendly experience
  • Digital business amenities including building safety permits by email and tracking various permits online
  • “Over the counter” business permits also make it easy for individuals to obtain the documents they need quickly
  • Ample workforce available to fill positions, from cashiers, customer service, sales associates and managers
  • 30 minutes from the most innovative school in the nation (ASU)
  • 1.56 million labor pool to draw talent from an abundance of educated, highly skilled, and eager graduates
  • Recent graduates and longtime residents agree that Goodyear is their community of choice

Propelling Opportunity. Powering Connections. That’s Goodyear, Arizona.




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 Retail & Entertainment Citizen Survey

Goodyear’s retail and entertainment survey was live during the month of September 2017 and garnered 2,319 responses. 
The survey was created to engage residents in retail and entertainment recruitment, develop a new top ten list, 
and collect information from Goodyear shoppers and diners that will assist in our recruitment efforts.

Please click below to see what 2,319 residents had to say.

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