Prime Solutions Group, Inc. Awarded Air Force Contract to Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Post Date:05/31/2019 11:53 AM

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Prime Solutions Group, Inc. Awarded Air Force Contract to Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Prime Solutions Group, Inc. (PSG) has been awarded a Small Business Innoative Research (SBIR) contract by the Air Force Research Lab to advance Artificial Intelligence applications in autonomous system operations.

The objective of the research is to develop a new high-fidelity modeling and simulation (M&S) framework to facilitate Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Specifically, the framework addresses a key need for the Air Force and other Department of Defense components in the generation of data to train complex networks and apply AI in operational settings.

Joe Marvin, PSG President, explained, “AI applications in autonomous systems takes a tremendous volume of operationally relevant data to train and learn what system responses are appropriate in specific situations. This is a huge problem for the Air Force which we propose solving by generating simulated data in high volume under realistic conditions. The alternative is to operationally gather this data which is cost prohibitive and presents a safety risk when operating aircraft (attended and unattended) in dangerous scenarios.”

PSG proposed a uniquely and highly qualified team to develop the AFDL vision. Led by PSG’s expertise in systems engineering, the team includes: Arizona State University (ASU) Sensors Signals and Information Processing (SenSIP) Center, titans from the simulation community (RTSync), Lockheed Martin, IBM (Watson Labs), and Information Systems Laboratories, Inc. The opportunity in this STTR project is to create the machine intelligence ecosystem needed by the Air Force to reach new levels of autonomous system performance.

“Our World Class team represents the global leaders in the race toward AI enabled autonomous systems. The challenge is combining the right expertise and integrating latest Information Technology in ways that drive new tools, processes and even business models. We will apply PSG’s core expertise in synthetic aperture radar (SAR), experience and research in associated Big Data technologies, growing expertise in System of Systems simulations, and machine intelligence applications to address this problem at scale along with our excellent teammates.” remarked Marvin.

The highly competitive SBIR program is a Department of Defense source of innovative technology advancements from leading small businesses. PSG has been awarded 5 previous SBIR contracts since 2014. As Marvin reflected on the PSG business strategy, “These research contracts are a vital source of nondilutive research funding that enable us to pursue our advanced technology roadmap right here at Flite Goodyear in the west valley. I am proud of what we have accomplished so far, and this award sets the stage for unlimited potential.”


Contact: Joe Marvin, (623) 853-0829;

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