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Off The Hook Meat Shop – Goodyear's first butcher shop

Grand Opening Today! August 23, 2019

Post Date:07/29/2019 9:00 AM

America's Culinary History — The Humble Butcher

Did you ever wonder where the corner Butcher shops are located in Arizona?  Only to discover there are very few in the Greater Phoenix area, and none in the West Valley?

Well Christine Ortega, a Goodyear Estrella Mountain resident, is ready to change that.  Christine was one of very few women butchers when she stumbled into the profession over 30 years ago. Even back then, she had a vision to own her own business one day.

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Christine started her career in a well-known supermarket, and when asked if she would be interested in a 10-cent an hour raise to work the meat counter, she eagerly accepted. As a new meat department associate, Christine was soon learning the trade and spent two years cutting meat as an apprentice in Southern California. She proceeded to move up the ladder in the industry, however her peers continually reminded her, “You are too small to break down a hind quarter of beef”.  With an unwavering desire to learn and succeed, she was soon “Breaking Beef” with the biggest and best butchers around.

Skip forward from 1982 to today – the time has come for Christine’s vision to become reality. Christine and her husband, Jim, are opening Goodyear’s first butcher shop, Off The Hook Meat Shop. The shop is located at the northeast corner of Indian School Road and Wigwam Boulevard in the former Ada’s Fish Fry restaurant.  The couple is currently renovating the space and plans to open the location in early August 2019. 

Off The Hook Meat Shop will have aspects of old-world charm with a modern industrial sleekness and carry USDA prime-grade meats, which are grass-fed and aged a minimum of 30 days — straight from the “Cornhusker State” of Nebraska. 

The butcher shop will also offer a variety of country pork and fresh chicken products with no sodium, nitrates or added solutions. In addition, they will have beef jerky made on location, sausage, bones for making flavorful stock, marinades and sauces, charcoal for your grills, and they didn’t forget about our four-legged family members either. They will dedicate a corner of their new shop with all-natural pet food made with the same high quality meats – available in small to bulk-size quantities.

However, Christine’s dreams don’t end there… Once the shop is successfully up and running, they will turn their focus to adding additional services to include grilling and meat smoking classes and expand the location into a hometown steakhouse restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining.

Watch for more information about Off The Hook Meat Shop by visiting their Facebook page at or the new website at

Off The Hook Meat Shop
14960 W. Indian School Road, Suite 380
Goodyear, Arizona 85395

Grand Opening:  Friday, August 23

Store Hours:
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.




Butcher Terminology 101

Unfortunately, most of us are still shy about ordering from these meat choppers, unsure of how to navigate the unfamiliar vocabulary. What exactly is that cut called? Prime or strip? Chump or chuck? Is Boston butt really what it implies?

At their core, butchers are professors of anatomy. So to help understand their unique vernacular, here is a list of terms you can learn — and laugh at — before visiting the chop shop:

Boston butt
It’s actually not the ‘butt’ of the pig, but rather a section of the shoulder

An acronym for “boned, rolled, and tied,” a common method for securing meat

Calf fries
Bull testicles, also known as cowboy caviar, prairie oysters, Rocky Mountain oysters

Certified Angus Beef (CAB)
A program founded by breeders in an effort to certify that Angus cattle have consistent, high-quality beef with superior taste

City butt
Alternative term for a Boston butt

High quality, widely available beef (top 54% quality)

Chuck eye
Meat off the fifth rib (while the rib eye comes from the sixth to 12th rib)

Lamb top sirloin

Cowboy steak
Thick, chined, bone-in, beef rib steak cut parallel to the bone

Flat iron
Steak that comes from the Infraspinatus muscle, located under the shoulder blade or scapula

Beef bottom round roast

Cattle raised primarily on forage, but “finished” in a feedlot with grains to fatten them

Cattle that have been raised exclusively on forage

Basically, this is beef from drunk, fat, happy Japanese cows. Kobe beef is a very specific product from a specific place, from one breed of cattle, with very strict rules. The cattle are hand-massaged to reduce stress and hand-fed using high-energy feed, including beer and beer mash, to ensure tenderness and high fat content.

Small, visible streaks of intramuscular fat (marbling improves meat juiciness and flavor)

Pig or calf spleen

To completely coat food with a layer of sauce

Odds-and-end pieces that can be used for cooking

Cattle raised without added hormones, pesticides, or other chemicals, though requirements for labeling it “organic” vary widely.

Oyster steak
A super small and tasty beef steak cut off the aitchbone

Petite tender
A steak that comes from the Teres Major from the shoulder blade. It is one of the most tender beef muscles and takes significant butchery skill to extract

Highest in quality and marbling, limited supply (top 3% quality)

Shell steak
The cut, also known as a strip steak, or New York strip, comes from the short loin and is particularly tender

Short line
When you leave the bone and tenderloin in for a porterhouse or T-Bone

Six inch boner
A prized knife for boning out meat from a carcass

Strip line
When you take the bone and tenderloin out for a strip steak

Japanese breeds of cattle that are genetically predisposed to intense marbling of fat

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