The Goodyear technology sector possesses a high capacity telecom infrastructure

Goodyear leads the way in Information & Communication Technology. Whether you are looking for , or access to major markets Goodyear is the place to be. Businesses have access to high capacity power and fiber, shovel ready sites, and an educated and skilled workforce.

World-class talent, offering a skilled, diverse workforce, prepared for in-demand disciplines in emerging industries. Graduates from area universities and community colleges are ready to excel in the jobs of today and tomorrow.


Highly Educated & Skilled Workforce

Most educated workforce in west Metro Phoenix  

Located in the nation’s #2 workforce market 

Metro region ranked “The Fastest Growing Tech Market” by CBRE

Fueled by globally recognized universities and community colleges, preparing highly qualified graduates
for in-demand disciplines within established and emerging industries.

Arizona State University, Maricopa Community Colleges, Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona
are among the more than 40 universities and other institutions of higher learning that prepare the region’s workforce.

Extremely competitive workforce in regards to training, quality and availability of workers

One of the lowest costs for labor in the nation. 


 Robust and Reliable Power     High Capacity Telecom Infrastructure 

Power provided by APS

3-Phase Power options 

Competitive power rates


 High capacity telecommunications infrastructure that exceeds 40GB

 Access to the National Fiber Network and multiple providers 

 Secured space for cyber security opportunities

 Business Incentives

Goodyear offers companies considerable savings in operating costs estimating nearly 40 percent less than California

Sales tax exemptions for data center equipment for owners, operators, and co-location tenants of computer data center certified by the ACA

A co-location tenant is required to use a minimum IT load of 500 kilowatts per month for 2 or more years to qualify 

Tax relief as a new data center requires certification within 5 years, and owner/ operator must make a minimum investment of $50 million in Goodyear facility

Enhanced permitting and development process 



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