Goodyear Restaurants welcome back dine-in customers beginning May 11
Please check out your favorites restaurants below

Ah-Hai Sushi & Grill 831 S Cotton Ln, #F1
Ah-So Sushi & Steak 15475 W McDowell Rd, #105
Akaihana Sushi & Grill 2293 N Pebble Creek Pkwy, #101
Angry Crab Shack 310 N Litchfield Rd
Applebee's Grill + Bar 13832 W McDowell Rd
Arby's 442 N Litchfield Rd
Arriba Mexican Grill 15370 W McDowell Rd
Augie's Sports Grill 15605 W Roosevelt St, #101
Barro's Pizza 15475 W McDowell Rd, #103
Baskin-Robbins 15530 W Roosevelt St, #E105    
13220 W Van Buren St, #110          
Bella Luna Ristorante 14175 W Indian School Rd, #A-4
Black Angus Steakhouse 13766 W McDowell Rd
Black Bear Diner  980 N Dysart Rd
Bobazona *Coming Soon* 15591 W Roosevelt St          
Booty's Wings, Burgers & Beer 13375 W McDowell Rd, #101
Buffalo Spot, The 14130 W Indian School Rd, #A-1
Buffalo Wild Wings  13311 W McDowell Rd
Burger King 15250 W McDowell Rd, #12
Burger King 16364 W Yuma Rd
Burger King 394 N Litchfield Rd
Burger King 3490 N Litchfield Rd
Cafe Bebida 8175 S Hillside Dr
Café Rio Mexican Grill 13837 W McDowell Rd
Carl's Jr 1083 S Cotton Ln
Casa Del Mar Café  *Closed* 18209 W Calistoga Dr
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen 15030 W McDowell Rd
Chef Ben Sushi & Asian Express 13824 W McDowell Rd, #107
Chick-Fil-A 1466 N Dysart Rd
Chili's Grill & Bar 1371 N Litchfield Rd
Chipotle Mexican Grill 1560 N Litchfield Rd
Chuck E. Cheese's 13371 W McDowell Rd
Church's Chicken 13554 W Van Buren St
Clubhouse Grill 14175 W Indian School Rd, #C-1
Colados Coffee & Crepes 15479 W McDowell Rd, #109        
Cold Stone Creamery 3301 N Litchfield Rd, #400
Cracker Barrel 1209 N Litchfield Rd
Culver's of Goodyear * Coming Soon* 130 N Estrella Pkwy          
Cutting Edge Bar & Grill, The 1188 N Dysart Rd
DQ Grill & Chill  13365 W McDowell Rd
Denny's 1218 N Litchfield Rd
Dickey's Barbecue  15525 W Roosevelt St, #108
Dino's Greek & Italian Grill 1550 N Dysart Rd, #B-8

Domino's Pizza 833 S Cotton Ln n/a
Domino's Pizza 14175 W Indian School Rd, #A-3 n/a
Domino's Pizza 833 S Cotton Ln, #E100 n/a
Dream Swirls Frozen Yogurt 15557 W Roosevelt St, #102
Dunkin' 211 N Estrella Pkwy
Dutch Bros Coffee 14160 W Indian School Rd
Dutch Bros Coffee 580 N Estrella Pkwy, #B
Einstein Bros. Bagels 1550 N Dysart Rd, #A-1
El Pollo Loco  13233 W McDowell Rd
Enroute Coffee and Tea House 15605 W Roosevelt St, #107      
Federico's Mexican Food 1360 S Cotton Ln
Filiberto's Mexican Food 15541 W Roosevelt St, #107
Filiberto's Canyon Trails *Coming Soon* 891 S Cotton Lane          
Firehouse Subs 15525 W Roosevelt St, #111
Five Guys 1507 N Litchfield Rd, #100
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers 1340 N Litchfield Rd
Garden Pizza 781 S Cotton Ln, #D-125
Golden Corral 420 N Dysart Rd
Gus's New York Pizza & Bar 13824 W McDowell Rd, #100
Hayashi Hibachi 1480 N Litchfield Rd
Haymaker 1800 N Litchfield Rd
Henry's Hawaiian Grill  560 N Estrella Pkwy      
KFC  *Coming Soon* 16990 W Yuma Rd          
Jack in The Box 520 N Estrella Pkwy
Jack in The Box 16900 W Yuma Rd
Jersey Mike's Subs 1550 N Dysart Rd, #B-7
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches 1120 N Estrella Pkwy, #C104
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches 13824 W McDowell Rd, #108
JJ's Grub Shack 15375 W McDowell Rd        
Lakeside Grill Estrella 17665 W Elliot Rd
Little Caesars 432 N Litchfield Rd, #324 n/a
Little Caesars 960 S Sarival Ave, #114 n/a
Lucky Buddha Asian Restaurant 14270 W Indian School Rd, #C-1
Macayo's Mexican Food 1474 N Litchfield Rd
Manuel's Mexican Restauran 13319 W McDowell Rd
Mariscos Camaron Pelao 350 N Dysart Rd, #201
McDonald's 632 N Estrella Pkwy
McDonald's 1100 N Estrella Pkwy, #120
McDonald's 13870 W McDowell Rd
McDonald's 870 N Dysart Rd
McDonald's 17640 W Elliot Rd
Mimi's Cafe *NOW OPEN-7/2020 * 1220 N Dysart Rd

MOD Pizza   1380 N Litchfield Rd, #K-3A
Nakama Sushi Restaurant 13215 W McDowell Rd, #D3
Native Grill   *Closed* 15375 W McDowell Rd

N-Dub Pizza Pub 633 S Estrella Pkwy, #105-1
Nothing Bundt Cakes 13824 W McDowell Rd n/a  
Oasis Bagels 17650 W Elliot Rd, #A155
Olive Garden 15411 W McDowell Rd, #B
Oregano's  15280 W McDowell Rd, #11
P.F. Chang's China Bistro  14681 W McDowell Rd
Panda Express 690 N Estrella Pkwy, #3
Panda Express 1550 N Dysart Rd, #A-11
Panera Bread 1452 N Pebble Creek Pkwy
Papa John's 2403 N Pebble Creek Pkwy, #111 n/a
Papa John's 17650 W Elliot Rd, #A115 n/a
Papa John's 13370 W Van Buren St, #106 n/a
Papa Murphy's 15570 W Van Buren St n/a
Pho House Restaurant 432 N Litchfield Rd, #304
Pho King Egg Roll 13530 W Van Buren St, #A101
Pita Palms 15605 W Roosevelt St
Pizza Hut 15557 W Roosevelt St, #106
Popeyes 1860 N Pebble Creek Pkwy
PT Noodles 1375 N Litchfield Rd, #101
Q's Master Griller Kitchen 13310 W Van Buren
Que Pasa Mexican Food 3730 S Estrella Pkwy, #203
Rainbow Valley Tacos 1572 S Cotton Ln n/a
Ramiro's Mexican Food 378 N Litchfield Rd, #100
Raul and Theresa's Mexican Restaurant 1363 N Litchfield Rd
Red Lobster 15311 W McDowell Rd, #E
Red Robin 14551 W McDowell Rd
Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies 15525 W Roosevelt St, #112 n/a
Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs 18184 W Devonshire Ave n/a
Romano's Macaroni Grill *Closed*  1828 N Litchfield Rd        
Roman's Oasis 16825 W Yuma Rd
Royal Jasmine Thai Restaurant 14970 W Indian School Rd, #200
Rubio's Coastal Grill 15479 W McDowell Rd, #101
Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q 845 N Litchfield Rd
Saddle Mountain Brewing Company 15651 W Roosevelt St
Sal's Tuscan Grill 13291 W McDowell Rd, #E7
Sammy's Burgers 525 N Estrella Pkwy, #105
Samurai Asian Bistro 330 N Dysart Rd, #101
Sandwich Masterz 380 N Estrella Pkwy, #A-3
Schlotzsky's 395 N Litchfield Rd
Señor Taco 525 N Estrella Pkwy, #101
Starbucks 1690 N Dysart Rd
Starbucks 1910 N Pebble Creek Pkwy
Starbucks 1375 N Litchfield Rd, #100
Subway 960 S Sarival Ave, #112
Subway 525 N Estrella Pkwy, #103
Subway 14175 W Indian School Rd, #A-2
Subway 17650 W Elliot Rd, #A110
Subway 1380 N Litchfield Rd
Subway 960 S Sarival Ave
Sugar 'N Spice Coffee & Tea 14970 W Indian School Rd, #280
Sushi & Poke House 14130 W Indian School Rd,  #5
Taco Bell 17676 W Elliot Rd
Taco Bell 251 N Litchfield Rd
Taco Bell 1740 N Pebble Creek Pkwy, #3
Taco Bell 16950 W Yuma Rd
Taco Redempcion 560 N Estrella Parkway, #12 call in
Tailgaters Sports Grill & IL Primo Pizza 530 N Estrella Pkwy
Taste of Italy 17750 W Elliot Rd, #112
Taste of Italy 3810 S Estrella Pkwy, #308
Teabo Coffee & Sandwiches 319 N Litchfield Rd, #104A
Texas Roadhouse 15255 W McDowell Rd  •
The Cantina at Presidio *Coming Soon* 18209 W Calistoga Dr          
The Frozen Monkey Shave Ice 15661 W Roosevelt St, #105
Tomo Japanese Cuisine   1550 N Dysart Rd, #A7-A8
Tosti-Tito's *Closed* 378 N Litchfield Rd, #116          
Tropical Smoothie Cafe 13375 W McDowell Rd, #110 App
Village Inn 2700 N Litchfield Rd
Waffle House 820 N Dysart Rd
Wendy's 1178 N Litchfield Rd
Whataburger 14251 W Indian School Rd
Wildflower Bread Company 1380 N Litchfield Rd App
Wok Wei Asian Cuisine  15560 W Roosevelt St, #B104  
Yan's Chinese Food 15557 W Roosevelt St, #101
Yogis Grill 211 N Estrella Pkwy      
Yogurtini 14175 W Indian School Rd, #A-5
Zheng's Chinese Kitchen 960 S Sarival Ave, #116


** full list updated July 9, 2020            

 While many of our local restaurants do not directly provide delivery services, 

additional delivery options may be available through the following third party delivery services: